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Car servicing Dartford - Main Dealer vs Local garage

Once you have purchased a car, you may have a problem deciding whether you should take it for servicing to your main dealer of or to any garage. It is definitely possible, and maybe even cheaper to take your car to the nearest garage. However, it may not be the right choice, since you cannot be sure of getting the same value as you could get from your dealer.

If you are in Dartford, you may not have to worry about looking for your dealer every time your car needs servicing. There are several car servicing companies within the town, some of which include:

• KC Servicing

At K C Servicing, you can get any vehicle model serviced. This company has a high-tech four wheel alignment system as well as advanced diagnostics software. 

This company purchases tyres of all kinds, hence you can have yours replaced here. It also offers a number of repair services. 

• WJ Kings

This company keeps up with the latest technology to make sure it can handle any vehicle that needs servicing. You can bring your vehicle here, even when it is still within the warranty period.

W J Kings offers its services anywhere; you do not have to visit the garage to get help. All you need to do is make a call and a mechanic will be sent to you.

For regular servicing, you can arrange with the company on the monthly payment plan. This could be a good way to save on your servicing expenses.

• Haywards

This company services all makes of vehicles. Once you visit the garage, your car goes through a compulsory visual check. This is to inspect the functioning of your vehicle’s main features.

Additionally, Haywards services your car based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. You would, therefore, be assured of getting the same service your vehicle manufacturer would give. 

• SMC 

SMC is a servicing company for Ford. Ford vehicle owners can have their parts replaced here. Bringing your vehicle here assures you of great care since the mechanics check thoroughly to ensure the car is safe for use.

Ford users can easily access the same services and parts they would get from their dealers.

Main Dealer or Local Garage?

Visit your local garage is easier and faster than taking your car back to the main dealer. However, it is not all black and white. You need to consider a number of factors before you make your choice between a garage and your main dealer. 

Why you Should Choose your Main Dealer

Your main dealer knows everything about your car and what it requires. It is, therefore, important to visit the dealer if your car needs a lot of attention. Your dealer has the right equipment required to fix that specific car, hence you will not have to wait a long while for the right parts to be acquired.

While your vehicle is still within its warranty period, the law allows you to take your vehicle anywhere for servicing. You will not incur any extra cost for taking your car to your local garage. However, you cannot be sure that the garage will comply with the goodwill assistance law.  You might want to stick with your dealer while you still have the warranty if you want to get the agreed upon services. 

 Why you Should Choose a Garage

In most cases, you will be closer to a garage than to your main dealer. It would take you long to get to your dealer. It may also cost you a lot more than it would at the garage. In this case, it would be okay to go to your local garage and save your time and money.

If your vehicle only requires a minor repair, you can take it to your local garage. You do not have to worry about how they repair it, especially if there are no parts to replace. Most people are skeptical about taking their vehicles to the garage for part replacements since it is easy to get non-genuine ones outside the dealership. 


The decision on where to take your vehicle for servicing is considered quite major and may be confusing for many. It may be very expensive to fix your car in case it is damaged further in the name of servicing. 

Before you settle on a certain garage, you need to find out more about it. Consult a few people, particularly those who visit the garage. You also need to find out from the garage if you can get genuine spare parts for your car. Visit a garage that is regarded trustworthy by many.

If you are not satisfied with any garage you visit, do not risk it. You can contact your dealer to find out if there is an easier way to have your car serviced without having to go there yourself. 


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